Help Fund Alzheimer's Research

Please consider making a donation to Guardian Angel Thrift to help us fund  Alzheimer’s Research and Respite Care.

We take donations directly (tax deductible), for items, and for our endowment fund.

Tax Deductible Donations

Please consider making a tax deductible donation.

All funds are applied directly to Alzheimer’s Research.

Item Donations

Please consider donating your gently-loved goods, i.e., furniture, clothing, etc.  All income over our operating expenses is donated to Alzheimer’s Research.

Items Not Accepted:

We welcome most household items, but are usually unable to accept the following due to limited space, limited customer demand and other practical issues:

— Computers, computer components

— Construction material, toxic materials or car batteries

— Cribs

— Damp or wet items

Electronic Equipment: All TVs with the exception of flat screen TVs in good working condition

— Flammable items: paint & paint thinner, sterno, butane, etc.

— Large Appliances: stoves, dishwashers

— Mattresses/box springs

— Offensible items

— Power Wheels-rechargeable

  • Pick-Up Service:

We offer a pick-up service for furniture. Please call us for major donations and we will be happy to send our truck and volunteer crew to pick-up furniture. Please note: we can not dispatch our truck and crew for other items.

Endowment Fund Donations

Please consider donating to our endowment fund.